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Frequently Asked Questions
What should I expect from the tour?
            You should expect a blend of amazing history, great     story-telling,  ghost stories, and an open air paranormal investigation. We suggest to bring a camera, because we catch great paranormal pictures.

How long is the tour?
        The tour takes about 2 hours to complete. This is     only an estimate because our tours are not heavily     timed or scripted. Depending on the walking speed, or     amount of questions people ask, it has been known to     vary.

How much walking is it?
        Our walking tour is designed to be an easy stroll.     Although the tour is about 2 hours, we stop to talk and     the total distance walked is about 1 mile. The                    handicapped ramp owned by the City of Plymouth is          temporarily out of order during 2018.  This means that      the tour is not handicapped accessible until the ramp        is opened.  Call us at 508-927-2146 for more updated      information . 

Where does Plymouth Night Tour meet?

 65 Main Street at the corner with North Street. Look for Guilty Bakery and the area with Large Stone Benches. 

Is this a family-friendly tour?
            Absolutely! The tour is always geared towards     people of all ages. We have never been told that the     tour was inappropriate for children!

How to get there? Where to park?

    Click here for directions, public transportation     options, and places for parking.

How early should I arrive?

        15 minutes early is usually sufficient, but follow your     confirmation email for any special instructions. 
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I have to say the tour was wonderful, it was not only a paranormal tour but also full of history which made it so interesting. Our guide was great, he was very interesting and kept everyone's attention.

Visited October 2016